Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Sonia Kruger Pregnant and Just as Stylish

18 weeks pregnant and she is embracing her curves and continuing with her style. Sonia Kruger herself said in a recent article "I’m not going to start turning up in kaftan's — (a) because they look really bad on me, and (b) fashion is a big part of the show.” (Source: Herald Sun ) and I could not agree more and had the exact same mentality when I was pregnant. 
Now we cant all be designer like Ms. Kruger as we don't all have stylists following us around prepping us for cameras. However we can still look and feel good. When I was pregnant I found lots of great lose fitting tops, dresses where the seam sat above the belly, and shift dresses. Even fitted dresses look great and are comfy. I agree Sonia I wouldn't start trying to rock a kaftan either. You already feel fat so why dress frumpy when you don't have to...xo
**Sonia is wearing Paolo Sebastian  and jewellery by one of our favourites Elizabeth Jean

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