Thursday, 9 October 2014

Jennifer Garner finally says something most mums are scared to embrace...well I am...

Today scrolling through my facebook feed I saw the title "Jennifer Garner confirm baby bump" and I thought to myself...'Again?'

But thats not at all what she was confirming and it was quite heartwarming to hear what she said to Ellen about it when she was asked the question...

(This image was posted on magazine covers saying "Bump Watch?")

She mentioned she gets asked about it all the time, with people congratulating her on baby number 4. She confirmed she was not pregnant but she did indeed "have a baby bump, and will always have a baby bump"

I thought it was cute that she said her baby bump was called" Violet, Sam, and Sera"

Many women work hard to get back to their pre baby body. I know I have tried hard, well as best I can with minimal time to exercise, along with my addiction to chocolate. And I have lost the weight, I fit the clothes I fit before my son was born, but my body has changed. I have more cellulite then I did, I have spider veins (yuk!) and my stomach just wont go back to flat. I know if I dropped carbs and worked out everyday I could get abs of steel, but thats something I just don't have time for and having a slight bump is ok...I think those of us who hate the "bump" need to be ok with it and not be so hard on ourselves...

I often hate when women say 'but it shows that I made my baby'...I don't care, I don't want that excess skin. But realistically I wouldn't give up for son to have the flat stomach I once had and thats just the fact of the matter...xo

Watch the interview here : Truth about the Bump care of The Ellen De Generous Show.

Enjoying a good TV series...not as easy as it use to be...

So its no secret I love my TV, and get stuck into numerous TV the moment its Downton Abbey, Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, Reign, The Vampire Diaries, The Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Melbourne, OC etc and the list goes on...

Pre baby I had all the time in the world to be up to to date with all these shows. I could be involved in talk with friends about when Emily would finally seek revenge on the Graysons, or what will happen next to Chuck Bass,  and will Ross and Rachel ever end up together. I had watched all 10 series of friends like 8 times over, all Will & grace seasons at least 6 times, and good old Gilmore Girls have been on rerun in my DVD player about 4 times now.

Now once my little one was born, he didn't do much...babies don't. And you don't have a huge amount to do except feed the baby and watch it sleep so I had a lot of time to watch TV. So much so I managed to watch seasons 2-5 of Mad Men in 2 weeks! Madness.

Now working full time with a almost 2 year old I am way behind. For instance Sons of Anarchy are on their final season and everyone is talking about it. Yet I'm just at the start of season 3. Now its not a show you can have on in the background, like you can with a comedy such as they Big Bang Theory or The Real housewives, so finding the time when the little one is asleep (and without chores to do) is hard. So going at the rate I'm going I will have watched the final of Sons of Anarchy by June 2017.

This predicament has lead me to more trash TV then I use to watch. This is where The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and OC, even Melbourne, has come into play. These heavily botoxed, overdressed for a cup of tea, millionaire women live a life of luxury. We watch how their "friendships" pan out. I highlight "friendships" as I think they are forced to hang out for the purpose of the show. I don't care. Their luxurious mansions, numerous sports cars and exclusive fine dining gets me hooked....they of course throw in a good bitch fight and I'm in heaven! These women just seem ridiculous, and their issues even more ridiculous, but I wouldn't mind living on the beaches of Los Angeles sitting by the pool side sipping cocktails whilst looking over the neighbouring rich people near by. Ah the life.

The Real Housewives of OC (Seasons 9 Cast)

The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills (Season 2 Cast)

The great thing about this show is you could miss a full 10 mins of dialogue and still know whats going on, and who has managed to upset who. This is the TV I can handle whilst my little one is banging blocks and I'm stacking the dishwasher whilst hanging clothes out to dry.

Now I can hear you all saying...seriously...but you may enjoy reading a good book, or sitting outside drinking a cup of tea in peace, reading the paper, or simply surfing the net. No matter what you hobby or guilty pleasure is, there is one thing I can say for sure it will be limited by the time baby comes along. Don't let it go though. Just make sure you make time for it, and the time you do get to do what you love to do, you make it count...ok a little melodramatic in relation to TV but you understand the point I'm trying to make...

Now since my little one is asleep its back to catching up on Sons of Anarchy and wondering whether Jax gets Abel back....shhhh dont tell me ;)... X O X O Gossip Girl ;)

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Trying to get 'beauty treatments' whilst with a little one...

Its definitely hard being a single mum...I feel like Im leading 2 lives and they don't seem to go together very hand I'm a mum...I change nappies, sing 'wheels on the bus' on repeat, dance, clean up toys, do laundry, cook, the list goes on. On the other hand I'm a single woman ,working full time trying to work on a career, as well as start dating again (eek! Still not sure about that concept but I'll get to that one day)

Now to me this what I look like as a mum (but my hair is in a lot worse condition along with my uneven skin tone)

This is what I feel I should (hope I would) look like as a woman developing her career and going out to meet gorgeous single men...

Ok I don't look anything like JessicaAlba but I would like to imagine I did...

Anyway the things I use to do a regular basis to keep myself maintained is going to the beauty salon and getting my eyebrows waxed among other things. Its not a proud moment but its something I feel I need to do to keep myself in good condition. Whilst pregnant I kept this up. There was no way that I was going to have a baby untidy...

Now continuing this after baby is hard enough but  to try and still be the girl I was once was before baby, before marriage, and divorce, I need to find time to ensure I stay maintained (I feel more comfortable saying this then saying that I get a brazilian I'm sticking with maintained...)

I am happy to say I have managed to do this in effort to help me stick to the career driven, single girl, I once was. In the beginning this was easy. When my boy was a baby he simply sat in the pram and didn't do much...but now he is more of a toddler then baby making this a whole new experience which I can't wait to share with him on his 21st birthday amongst all his friends.

Last week when I went to my appointment my little man was adamant to sit on my stomach and watch as the lady waxed and plucked my eyebrows. She even gave him a paddle stick and he proceeded to try and help. Oh and my favourite part is whenever she ripped the waxed he would say "uh oh".

Here I am lying on a bed wanting this moment over, having my son squash my stomach, while I go through such a painful experience (now its nothing like childbirth but  lets be honest its not a great  experience either)

I cant believe my life has come to this. But I continue to try and merge these two worlds together. Like any woman I want it all.

Now for my knight in shining armour...I'm waiting...xo

Monday, 6 October 2014

Quick, Easy and Cheap dinner for one...

Being a single mum and trying to stay healthy is really hard...when you are tired our of your mind its so easy to hit up the packet of chocolate teddy bear biscuits over an apple...or soft drink over water.

Tonights special of the day is stir fried rice with veggies for under $2.50 and cooked in under 5 minutes...

Simple take a 90sec microwave bag of brown rice (Coles have one at $1.00, there is a really good one from sunrice with brown rice and quinoa but thats around $3.28) A small bag of frozen veggies (Bag of 5 is around $5). Pop the veggies in microwave to steam then add to a fry pan with a bit of oil and garlic. Cook the rice in the microwave and add when ready. Stir in soy sauce for a minute whilst stirring veggies through and bang you are done!

Now there are many alternatives, you could buy bulk packets of frozen vegetables and create your own portions. You can make more rice and creates serves for the rest of the week.

You can add meat by cooking that up in the pan prior to the veggies and get that added protein and iron.

The world is your oyster!

Oh and that soft drink you are craving...try mineral water (75c Coles Home Brand 1.25 lt) with a slice of lemon! Yum!