Thursday, 9 October 2014

Jennifer Garner finally says something most mums are scared to embrace...well I am...

Today scrolling through my facebook feed I saw the title "Jennifer Garner confirm baby bump" and I thought to myself...'Again?'

But thats not at all what she was confirming and it was quite heartwarming to hear what she said to Ellen about it when she was asked the question...

(This image was posted on magazine covers saying "Bump Watch?")

She mentioned she gets asked about it all the time, with people congratulating her on baby number 4. She confirmed she was not pregnant but she did indeed "have a baby bump, and will always have a baby bump"

I thought it was cute that she said her baby bump was called" Violet, Sam, and Sera"

Many women work hard to get back to their pre baby body. I know I have tried hard, well as best I can with minimal time to exercise, along with my addiction to chocolate. And I have lost the weight, I fit the clothes I fit before my son was born, but my body has changed. I have more cellulite then I did, I have spider veins (yuk!) and my stomach just wont go back to flat. I know if I dropped carbs and worked out everyday I could get abs of steel, but thats something I just don't have time for and having a slight bump is ok...I think those of us who hate the "bump" need to be ok with it and not be so hard on ourselves...

I often hate when women say 'but it shows that I made my baby'...I don't care, I don't want that excess skin. But realistically I wouldn't give up for son to have the flat stomach I once had and thats just the fact of the matter...xo

Watch the interview here : Truth about the Bump care of The Ellen De Generous Show.

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