Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Trying to get 'beauty treatments' whilst with a little one...

Its definitely hard being a single mum...I feel like Im leading 2 lives and they don't seem to go together very well...one hand I'm a mum...I change nappies, sing 'wheels on the bus' on repeat, dance, clean up toys, do laundry, cook, the list goes on. On the other hand I'm a single woman ,working full time trying to work on a career, as well as start dating again (eek! Still not sure about that concept but I'll get to that one day)

Now to me this what I look like as a mum (but my hair is in a lot worse condition along with my uneven skin tone)

This is what I feel I should (hope I would) look like as a woman developing her career and going out to meet gorgeous single men...

Ok I don't look anything like JessicaAlba but I would like to imagine I did...

Anyway the things I use to do a regular basis to keep myself maintained is going to the beauty salon and getting my eyebrows waxed among other things. Its not a proud moment but its something I feel I need to do to keep myself in good condition. Whilst pregnant I kept this up. There was no way that I was going to have a baby untidy...

Now continuing this after baby is hard enough but  to try and still be the girl I was once was before baby, before marriage, and divorce, I need to find time to ensure I stay maintained (I feel more comfortable saying this then saying that I get a brazilian wax...so I'm sticking with maintained...)

I am happy to say I have managed to do this in effort to help me stick to the career driven, single girl, I once was. In the beginning this was easy. When my boy was a baby he simply sat in the pram and didn't do much...but now he is more of a toddler then baby making this a whole new experience which I can't wait to share with him on his 21st birthday amongst all his friends.

Last week when I went to my appointment my little man was adamant to sit on my stomach and watch as the lady waxed and plucked my eyebrows. She even gave him a paddle stick and he proceeded to try and help. Oh and my favourite part is whenever she ripped the waxed he would say "uh oh".

Here I am lying on a bed wanting this moment over, having my son squash my stomach, while I go through such a painful experience (now its nothing like childbirth but  lets be honest its not a great  experience either)

I cant believe my life has come to this. But I continue to try and merge these two worlds together. Like any woman I want it all.

Now for my knight in shining armour...I'm waiting...xo

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