Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Leopard Print...late to the party but I'm here!

Ok I know animal prints have been in for the past few years and have adapted well to fashion trends. Whether it be handbags, scarves, dresses, hair ties, you name it will be available in animal print. I was so scared to take this trend on board. I felt I was too plain jane for such a (well what I considered) stand out print for people with style, character and who are "trendy". These are things I do not consider myself to be. I see myself as what I would deem "Plain Jane" I play safe. I usually wait for others to test the waters for me before I dip my heels in...

Recently I started by buying a $5 leopard print scarf from Kmart. Im not a gambler, so whats $5 between friends, and if I cant pull it off well its only $5. Safe to say I love it. Yes I hear you all saying "how ridiculous is this woman", "its so 3 years ago" but for me it was kind of a big deal. Sad, but true.

This led me to my next "leopard print purchase". Now I love shoes...anyone who knows me will know that about me, and I am very well known in my office for always wearing high heels. I love them. I always think of Elle Woods quote from Legally Blonde where she says 'They are a male invention designed to make the woman's butt look smaller' that is one of the reasons I wear them. Tony Bianco is one of my favourite brands of shoe. They fit me well. They are classy and somewhat affordable. Yes I would prefer Louboutin's however I have yet to acquire that much cash (one day!) so I suck to my guns and TB released my favourite stilettos in leopard print. I finally clicked "add to cart" and they were mine. They are simply gorgeous, I love them. Now all I need is somewhere to go wearing these beautiful creatures with skinny leg jeans, black shirt and my $5 leopard print scarf and I'm away...

My next leopard print purchase came across my eyes this afternoon. Senso leopard print sandals. Again the thought rushes through my head "I'm too plain Jane" but I don't think I'm far from that "click to add to cart" stage. I'll keep you posted (I also might need to save a little first)

Also to note these are definitely great for mums. Perfect sandal for going out for coffee with their friends and wanting to be stylish...yet practical (a word I hate to use when it comes to fashion, as its simply a bonus, but not a must in my books!). I believe its a step in the right direction in feeling like an adult again and not type cast as a "mother" lol...xo

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