Monday, 8 September 2014

Kid Friendly Cafe - Coco Latte Review

As my little one gets older (nearly 2) he does not want to sit in the pram/high chair sipping his baby chino whilst mum has an in depth conversation with her friends. Having a coffee catch up lasting longer then 20mins is becoming more and more difficult as he get older, and has larger stores of energy! (I would love some of that by the way, it not something you acquire as soon as you become a mum to keep up...if only!)
Instead of being forced to have coffee at McCafe or at your local Bunnings Warehouse, because they have a playgound, I needed something that felt civilised, had good coffee (top of priority checklist of course), and was child friendly. Now when I say child friendly it could be interpreted as accommodating to a pram, has high chairs, or even better has a playground. This cafe I discovered has it ALL!!


Coco Latte is on Union Surrey Hills. Its quaint, spacious, friendly and near a train stations (for those who dont drive or for kids who love watching trains go son does!)
It has everything you need, good coffee, good food allowing for good company.

Its open Monday through to Sunday for Breakfast and Lunch and is quite affordable.

All relevant details and feedback can be found here at Coco Latte


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