Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Diary of a Single Mum...Birthday Party or lack of one...xo

So my little one is turning 2 this Sunday! What the hell?! Wasn't he just born? He is becoming more and more of a little person and less and less of a baby (insert sad face!)

For his first birthday I had a cute little animal theme party. I made the number 1 birthday cake (image below), and yes it was from the infamous Woman's Weekly cookbook 1988 edition, I ordered animals masks, blow up jungle animals, matching napkins and plates. It was simple, yet there was a "theme". These days I feel like every birthday needs a theme.

However come his 2nd birthday I am so disorganised, I am all over the place, I don't think I have flipped over the month of August in my calendar. At this point in time the thought of baking a packet cake makes my anxiety levels sky rocket!

Why have the kids birthday parties become such a big deal. They don't remember. I don't remember my second birthday party. I have seen photos of me eating cat sitting their watching other kids run around me. Im sitting on a bench, as are other kids (who I don't even know now!) and there is simply coloured balloons and streamers and party food. I have no doubt I loved it, but did I know it was for my, did I know what the cake looked, did I know what time of day it was no...all I had was the photo album (below image is not my photo by the way)

But then last weekend for my friends little one we travelled back to the wild wild west. When Flynn the Brave had all his friends come out to play...he opened up his teepee which was right next to the saloon with the jail in eye sight! I mean it was amazing. The cake had been shot with Arrows with a Teepee protected by a glass jar (but I'll call it the earths native force field). The birthday boy had the most gorgeous headdress and shoes to match, and his parents look amazing. They were you modern day Native American family. They did a great job! I loved it and just thought "I wish I could do this". But I year in our new home...and we will welcome out Native American Family friends, along with all those who love us, to come celebrate in the theme my son and I decide (who are we kidding he will be 3 (WTF?!) and still wont remember it but I will!).

For now it will be a BBQ with close family and friends...a small gathering to ensure my boy doesn't miss out. I will ensure he gets to eat cake and run around with all the kids that will be in the background of all his photos (Hopefully these friends will be life long, as opposed to stills in a photo album, for my son to fact I know they will)

Anyway better plan the food and all other requirements...and no doubt I'll wake up at 5am thinking about this cake but all for a good cause....xo

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